Monday, February 3, 2014


Well I didn't post the results of my challenge last week because I didn't get it finished. I finally did this week thanks to a friend who put my shelf up for me. So here is my 'before' and 'after' shot of my desk area so you can compare. I also kept my counter clean. yay!

My next challenge is a big one. I have this two door cabinet in my hallway upstairs that is supposed to be used for extra storage of things like shampoo, first aid, and whatever. This is the mess it has become though, so it really needs to be done.

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Jami said...

So, I've been scouring my blog for a picture I know I posted, once, but can't find it. lol I have had a nice trip down memory lane, though. :) Anyway, I was going to show you something someone else taught me, once: using a shoe rack thingy (the kind that has clear plastic slots that can hang inside a closet door) for organizing extra bathroom items. We've been using one for years in our linen closet and it has been so nice not having to rummage through a shelf to find the medicine or bandaids or an extra tube of toothpaste. :) Anyway, just a thought.